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Fishing Boat

Inshore Fishing Boats
Coastal Flats & Coastal Skiffs
North Carolina

Four Son’s Marine is a family owned company dedicated to provide exceptional marine capability and innovation to deliver fast, safe, and high-quality, custom-built boats for our customers. Established in 1999, we manufacture boats that can range in size from 17 feet to 27 feet.


Four Son’s Marine offers a complete service of reliable and cost-effective boatbuilding, maintenance and design. We design and build boats with familiar hull types including other classes and models. We construct models with outboard propulsion systems.

Some of our best-known models are Four Son’s Coastal Flats 195, Four Son’s 184 Coastal Skiff. Overall these boats have exceptionally shallow draft and average beam that make them a favorite for leisure and shallow-water fishing.


We build one boat at a time and use all composite construction resulting in a structure superior to the components by themselves. We don’t use wood anywhere in our boats. We also thrive on using US made products to ensure the range and focus of quality, durability, and structure of our boats.

Four Son’s boats for sale  range in price from $18,000 on the bargain side of the spectrum all the way up to $38,000 for the more lavish boat models. Higher performance models can take motors up to 300 HP, while the more modest more functional models may have as little as 75 HP


Four Son’s Marine aims to be an innovator in the marine industry, maintaining an intricate and focused boatbuilding expertise by providing the best boating experience and services that go beyond our customer's expectations.


We are committed to operate responsibly with a limited ecological impact and to embrace the efficient use of resources in both design and production of our boats.

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